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I Never Told u what I Do...... by Wolf4life I Never Told u what I Do...... :iconwolf4life:Wolf4life 1 2 Never Again by Wolf4life Never Again :iconwolf4life:Wolf4life 0 2 6 Foot Sora by Wolf4life 6 Foot Sora :iconwolf4life:Wolf4life 1 11 Tomb Raider and Toboe by Wolf4life Tomb Raider and Toboe :iconwolf4life:Wolf4life 0 3 Raven and Some Anime Girl by Wolf4life Raven and Some Anime Girl :iconwolf4life:Wolf4life 0 1 If i Were to meet Johnny Depp by Wolf4life If i Were to meet Johnny Depp :iconwolf4life:Wolf4life 6 6
I wish apon a star
Every day
Pray to god
For a miracle
I am waiting for god to send me an angle
I never wanted anything more then him in my whole life
I will wait for you till the end of time
I live for him and would die for him
I want to tell you for I feel but I know it's impossible
I know it's impossible to even see your face in person
But my heart keeps telling me to go on
And my mined says not to
I want to see your face
I don't know why I am pulled toward you so much
Mostly your personality
When I see you I bite my tong
And the butter flys
I think about you more then myself and what if! all day
I need you like the earth needs the sun
The waves need the moon
And the plants need the light
I see you in my dreams
I can almost touch you
You're so close
Wipe my tears away
But when I wake your gone
I wish apon a star to meet a person just like you
O I wish, I wish apon a star
:iconwolf4life:Wolf4life 0 4
Have you've ever been in head over heels in love with some one Think about them so much its haunting you?
I have
Wanting them so badly but knowing that it's impossible
Thinking if you too were to ever meet, what would you say
Would you cry or just stare
You pray to god for someone like them come into your life
This pain it won't go away, in graved in my heart
My heart cries and this love won't die
My heart screams but no one hears
:iconwolf4life:Wolf4life 2 7
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United States
Hey every body! i havent been on this site in a real long time! O_o its b/c i dont draw as much but right now i am gonna put up a new pic! ^_^ and i make lots of music videos now instead of drawing but b/c this site likes to be a bitch to me i cant post them so yhea.....

UNTOUCHABLE CLUB: :iconjohnny-depp-lovers:

WELL HERE ARE SOME COOL CLUBS:iconwolfs-rain-fanclub:
:icondevwolfsrainclub:  :iconanime-gameclub:
:iconss4club: :iconthe-kakarrotto-klub: :iconwolfsrainfc: :icontrunks-lovers: :iconwolfsparadise: :iconwolfsrainclub: :iconterra-fanclub: :iconnintendo-fc: :iconterra-club: :iconelric-fans:
:iconvixen112886: :iconspideyfreak: :icondarkmoon-ruba: :iconstarfire14: :iconspazznaticshuriken: :iconterra-rox: :icongollum17059: :iconttlover101: :iconvenator-somniorum: :iconzerofinny: :iconspacemonkeyy: :iconhappepanda: :iconwhispering-flames: :iconthe1wolfdemon: :icontrugamer001: :iconsapphiregrl: :iconwwjd-dingo: :iconwhitewolf77: :iconblood-bunny: :iconmillena: :iconstryker427: :iconmini-marianne: :iconninjamunkey: :iconskypilot: :iconcodfish678: :iconlove-scars: :iconjboogle: :iconmysticdragon85: :iconspiritwolfen: :iconstarfire56: :iconterra-fan: :iconhelix-designs: :iconsaiyakupo: :iconcorrosivefool: :iconmystic-raven2004: :iconfreakish--jinx: :iconflcldude50: :iconroguefeline: :iconbrokenbabe15: :iconkikane: :iconsalmonius: :iconkira-ani-mcgrath: :iconthewax: :iconblossomel91: :iconterrabboy:  AND IF I FOR GOT SOME ONE I AM SORRY


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1. I have an extra vain in my left eye, so if something happened that would normally make a person blind in that eye wont make me blind
2. I'm writing book
3. I know :iconmeesh123: in real life
4. :iconxxsplashyheartsxx: was my first friend on DA
5. I have glasses
6. I look like Kagome from the show Inuyasa with brown hair and glasses
7. I love food! (and wolves ^.^)
8. The internet is my life!
9. I like to watch Tobuscus and Pewdiepie
10. Im hyperactive :D

1. Have you ever dyed your hair?
2. Whats the longest you have gone without a shower or bath?
3. Whats the grossest thing you have ever done?
4. 5 second rule?
5. what size is your bed?
6. Pets?
7. Im running out of ideas.... tell me something
8. how are you doing in work or school?
9. *poof* your your favorite animal now what do you do?
10. Theres a match a very dull knife and a loaf of bread.... what do you do?

I tag
1. :iconmeesh123:
2. :iconxxsplashyheartsxx:
3 :iconmossycat101:
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5 :iconwolf4life:
6 :iconwolfofdarkness:
7 :iconaskkurt: because i feel like making him hate me >.<
8 :iconcammyamy:
rikkulonwolf Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2007
hey random devart
u draw great can u help me saport my chat plz
its lonwolfpack
plz make shure its lonwolfpack and not thelonwolfpack
cuz wont b there
so plz?
rikkulonwolf Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2007
and i need some help
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HIYA :wave:
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love ur gallery esspecially the toboe ones
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I wish you Merry Christmas:D and a Happy New Year :glomp:
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